Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten Tiltons!

A couple of projects ago, I realized I had completed several Tilton-inspired garments since last December. As I counted them, I was surprised to find that the next two that were in the works would bring the total to ten. It seems I've been breathing Tilton air for the past five months!

I love the artfulness of Katherine and Marcy's design sense. Their styles are relatively easy to sew, and comfortable to wear. I love how I can take a Tilton pattern and make it mine, either with a design change, or with paint. The sisters have helped me build a wardrobe that expresses my playful, off-the-beaten-path personality.

All of these garments are made using Vogue patterns designed by Marcy or Katherine. Most of them use fabric from A couple are painted using silk screens from Marcy.
 Katherine's 8710
Rayon Jersey from Homespun Boutique
Marcy's 8693
Lapis Ponte from Marcy
Numerous Swirly Silkscreens
Katherine's 8710
Peacock Rayon/Lycra Jersey from Marcy
Asian Inspired Silk Screens from Marcy

Marcy's 8671
Plummy Ponte from Marcy

Katherine's 8793
Violet Crumble and Metallic Stripe Jerseys from Marcy

Katherine's 8777
Grande Mesh from Marcy
Marcy's 8430
Ultramarine Ponte from Sawyer Brook
Collaged Top Inspired by Katherine
Jerseys from Sawyer Brook, Grande Mesh from Marcy

Marcy's 8582 - Shoulders and Collar
Violet Rayon Jersey from Sawyer Brook 

Katherine's 8778

Two jackets, two vests, and six tops. (Good thing I have jeans and pants to cover my lower half!) Many thanks to the Tilton sisters for the inspiration they have given me. My wish is that I have passed it along to my readers.

I'm working on a couple of woven top projects now, and a knit top is waiting to be hemmed. First, I need to make some shorts - a scary proposition, but I know I have to bite the bullet and dive in. There are no Tiltons planned in the immediate future, but those sisters always reside in my creative mind, so I know they'll show up again soon!


  1. A very impressive collection, Dixie! I especially love the creative twists you've incorporated!

  2. Dixie, Dixie, Dixie!!!! This is an awesome collection, love how your creativity blends with making wearable clothes. I deeply appreciate your sharing this with others, it is inspiring me!

  3. They all look really fab on you too! How cool is it that Marcy herself feels inspired by your lovely collection?

  4. Thank you Shams, Marcy and Louisa, for your kind compliments. I loved sewing these clothes, and love inspiring others with them!

  5. Impressive! I too am in the process of sewing tops and have included a couple of Marcy's. However yours are much more creative than mine are. Good job and you have aced the fitting issue too.

  6. What a delightful collection! Your artful eye is always inspiring to me :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely creations, the colors are so 'me'! I'm busy sewing things for summer, some with Tilton patterns of course!

  8. shelley@marcytilton.comMay 28, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    Wow! these are quite wonderful - your collaged top is great. I guess it's time to get sewin'

  9. So glad to see Tilton styles on a body type like mine. Thank-you!

  10. You have inspired me to get sewing - you look so wonderful in your lovely clothes!

  11. Cool clothes! I too love their patterns.

  12. Really great clothes! I collect all of the patterns too. I haven't made everything but the things that I've made have turned out really well. Everything looks great on you.

  13. Love the silk screened designs! I dabbled with silk-screening but got so frustrated with making the screens. Your work looks so skillful and lovely.