Sunday, May 25, 2014

Buggy Batik Shirt for My Mom

I've been focused on sewing fabrics from my "resource center" lately. When I came across this periwinkle blue rayon batik (bought from Sawyer Brook a few years ago), I knew it would make a perfect summer shirt for my mother.

The pattern is an out of print McCall's by Palmer and Pletsch. I used it a few years ago for a shirt for my mom, so the fitting was already done. The instructions are excellent, with pro tips scattered throughout, and dual methods for certain applications included. For example, there are two methods for attaching the collar to the garment. The first attaches only the band to the neckline, then the collar and band facing are attached. The second method constructs the collar completely, then attaches it to the neckline. I used the first method and am very happy with the results.

Of course, I couldn't resist adding some paint to this shirt. I used Diane Ericson's Bugs in Flight stencil (which I don't currently see in her web store) to add some dragonflies, moths, beetles, butterflies, etc. I like the touch of color these images add, and the way the lacy quality of the bugs combines with the shadowy batik print.

I found the perfect buttons for this print at - where else? - Sawyer Brook. I like how they blend in with the overall look.

Until my parents downsized their home last year, my mother was an avid gardener. This shirt reminds me of the numerous flower gardens she has tended throughout her lifetime. She loves to wear blue, so this will be a welcome addition to her summer wardrobe. I'll be mailing the shirt to her this week, but it will be a month or so before I get to see her wearing it. If I get a chance for a photo shoot, I'll add some shots then.


I'm still behind in getting photos of shirts I made in April. I'll try to get the shots this week so I can show them. Today I cut out a solid magenta colored bamboo jersey and started sewing Katherine Tilton's Butterick 5925. I expect to finish it tomorrow.

I hope those of you in the States are enjoying sewing during this long weekend!


  1. A lovely top with beautiful personal touches. Gorgeous.

  2. Just delightful, Dixie! And how clever to add those buggy touches. And I know how gorgeous the batiks from SB are! I look forward to seeing your Butterick 5925. That one keeps floating to the top in my queue as well.

  3. Hope your mom loved her perfect shirt! I'm a huge fan of batiks and you did a great job with the stencilling. (Note the one with the folded wings looks more like a damselfly, don't you think? Dragonflies can't fold up. If I could look it in the eyes I would know for sure!)