Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trillian is Growing!

Help! My sewing mojo appears to have gone on vacation.  It was reportedly sighted on the nude beach in Provincetown, reading a sleazy novel and getting a good burn on.  And ogling the scenery.  I sure wish it would come home.  There are garments waiting to be designed and sewn!

It's times like this I'm really glad I learned to knit.  Lately, I've been knitting a little bit every day, and I'm loving how this scarf is progressing.  The looooong triangular shape will be very fun to wear.  I'm picturing it wrapped twice around my neck, with the ends hanging in front.  It will continue to get wider as I knit, but the corner angles will remain the same.  Very long and sleek!

As the scarf widens, the stripes become more and more narrow.  I expect it to grow twice as wide as it is now, so the stripes may be less than 1/2" wide at the end.  The varied stripe widths will give added interest when the scarf is wrapped.

I'm working into the second repeat of the color sequence, so all the colors are visible now.

I'm a color fanatic, and I dig unusual color combinations like this one.  Combining brown, blue and lavender in one piece is somewhat of a surprise to the eye.  Color wheel knowledge, however, explains why it works.  Brown is actually dark orange, which is opposite blue on the color wheel.  That makes them complimentary - they contrast with one another and create drama and movement (and say nice things to one another).  The two of them are far more interesting together than on their own.  Lavender sits next to blue on the color wheel, which means the two colors are harmonious.  They share a common color - blue - but are slightly different from one another.  And, lavender contains enough blue to look good with brown.

The blue in this yarn is quite warm, as is the brown. The lavender is very cool, leaning more to the blue than the red side.  Some say mixing warm and cool tones in the same piece creates disharmony, but I disagree.  Even though the lavender is cool and the blue is warm, they appear to "go together".

What I find most interesting about this color combination is what happens when you remove one of the colors.  Blocking out the lavender, brown, or blue, one at a time, reveals nice color schemes, but seeing all three together creates lots more interest.  They play off each other and the neutral whites, grays and blacks to form a quiet yet lively palette.

I have two skeins of yarn, so this scarf will continue to grow.  The one I started with had a knot joining two pieces at different areas of the color repeat.  I had to wind off a ball of yarn until I came to the same color in the repeat.  I'll need to join yarns again soon.  This will give me the opportunity to reverse the direction of the color repeat.  I think I might do this, as it will increase the interest of the color flow.  Another reason I love knitting with Noro!

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