Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grande Mesh Vest

I'm still catching up on blogging about garments I made in February and March. Photoshoots are the holdup for me. My husband works long hours, and I spend most of Saturday and Sunday at my studio, so there are only a couple of opportunities each week for posed photos. I'll have to look into getting a tripod, to give myself more flexibility.

A tripod, and a dress form. I want to get a really good one, so I'm saving my pennies for it. If anyone can recommend a good plus size form, I'd love to hear about it!

So, back in February, which seems like ages ago, I decided to make a vest using this new pattern from Katherine Tilton:
Vogue 8777
From the moment I saw it, I knew I had to make it, and probably more than once. I love its great lines and how easy it is to wear. The seaming in the back makes it unique, and I really like how the vest can add a layer to my look without making me too warm.

For this version I chose a black open mesh fabric I purchased from Marcy Tilton a year or two ago. I had originally intended the mesh to become an overlay for a top, but this vest pattern proved to be the perfect garment for it. (It also allowed enough leftovers for other projects, including my Back Words top. I still have some scraps, so you haven't seen the last of it yet!)

This was a very easy and rewarding sewing project. Katherine gives several options for finishing the seams. I chose to fold mine under and stich them in place. That's also how I finished the edges. It worked so well it's hard to tell which side they're turned to.

The top goes with many garments in my wardrobe, including the red violet top, the bright pink top from last fall, the Back Words collage top, and this:
This has been lots of fun to wear, and I'm definitely going to be making it again. And again!


  1. What a great version of that vest, Dixie! I love it in that mesh. You know, I tend to buy black mesh fabrics and not use them except as necklines and the like. So cute!

  2. Brilliant use of the fabric!!!

  3. Dixie, your vest is fantastic.


  4. It's like it completes either top...adds even more interest!