Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recent Knitting Projects

Here are some knitted garments I completed in the past couple of years:

I made these socks for a dear friend who lives in Asheville, NC.  He likes the colors and texture, and says they keep his feet toasty warm!

This darling cardigan was created for my first grandniece, Madison.  The yarn is a lovely washable wool, very soft and cozy.  Creating the heart details and the ruffled hem were lots of fun!

Another cardigan for Madison.  The pattern and yarn are by Sublime (same as the blue yarn), so it's easy care and very soft.  I'm a big fan of stripes, so this was really fun to knit.  The ruffled ribbing at the edge is so cute!  The button is dyed shell, from Sawyer Brook Fabrics (where I work as the Button Queen).

Another sweater for Madison!  Good thing she now has a younger sister - Sarah - who can wear these, too.  The buttons were my inspiration for designing this sweater.  They're from Sawyer Brook, and I've long wanted to use them on a garment.  What better way, than to color match the yarn to the buttons!  The yarn is wool/acrylic Encore, which can be machine washed and dried and will look good for years to come.

I found this pattern on Knitty.  I believe it's called Peach Blossom Kimono.  I used Sublime yarn again, because it feels so wonderful and can go in the washing machine.  The buttons were a fabulous find - from Sawyer Brook, of course.  I didn't have them in mind when I chose the yarn, but was so pleased to see how well they match.  They're carved from brownlip shell.  The bottom photo shows the faced hem, and also a purl rib that I inserted on each side to create a faux seam.  The sweater was knit in the round and this helps give the sweater a place to fold.  Another grand niece, Eden, was the recipient of this cute little basic.  She's Madison and Sarah's cousin.

Carson, my only grand nephew, was the recipient of this collegiate cardigan.  I live far away from these children, and see them only a couple of times a year, so I felt very fortunate to see him wearing it once.  It's knit with Encore, and I just love the color combination.  And guess where I found the buttons!  They're made of corozo nut, also known as vegetable ivory or tagua.  They take dye very well, and as you can see, they have a richly grained finish.  The color match was so perfect, I was thrilled it all worked out so well.

That's it for children's clothes.  Now, on to dolls and dogs!

One of my coworkers is an officer in the Boston chapter of the American Sewing Guild.  Each December they coordinate a dolls for kids project.  The guild members purchase dolls, sew outfits for them, and give them to children who might not otherwise have a doll.  I knit these two coats for this project.  Once again, I used Encore wool/acrylic because of its easy care, durability, and nice hand (so much more pleasant than 100% acrylic).

My little dog, Poco, is a difficult fit when it comes to jackets. He's a Havanese, and they're a bit long for their height , so ready-made coats that fit his rib-cage are always too short in the body. I found this great marled Encore yarn that creates an ombre effect when knitted. I added the button band down the back for ease in putting the coat on, but it turns out it wasn't necessary. The buttons are from Sawyer Brook, and I loved how well they blended with the colors in the yarn. I don't have a pic of Poco wearing the coat, but here is the little guy:

That's the end of this photo parade.  And now you know I have a big thing for buttons, color, and stripes, and I knit for those I love.  Soon I'll show you some things I've made for another person I love - myself!

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